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Breda, the Netherlands

Photo Credits: Korff en van Mierlo

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In the city of Breda, in the southern portion of the Netherlands, Flinstering restaurant is a funky hotspot that uses LED lighting to create ambiance while also being energy conscious.

Inside the cozy eatery, owners Jasper Bronkhorst and René Lancée wanted to differentiate Flinstering from other area restaurants. Lighting played an important role in the restaurant’s design, where they aimed to create a warm atmosphere while also cutting energy consumption. They chose Philips LED lighting systems to provide high-quality light with the added benefits of long lifetime, low maintenance and energy efficiency.

eW® Downlight Powercore fixtures provide general illumination throughout the restaurant. The low-profile, LED downlight directly accepts line voltage, which provides an easy and unobtrusive installation. Its output is comparable to a 50 watt halogen bulb, yet eW Downlight Powercore will yield an energy savings of roughly 70%. In addition, the fixture is available in a warm color temperature of 2700K to create the desired ambiance.

Philips fixtures can be found in other areas, such as accenting the colored bottles behind the bar. Placed underneath the shelves, eW® Cove Powercore delivers high quality white light to the surface beneath the bottle area.

Project Credits

Technical Consultant:
Living Projects

Lighting Design:
Wibeke Polé
Philips Lighting, the Netherlands

Project Team:
Roland Vermeulen
Philips Lighting, the Netherlands