LED Lighting Systems

Direct View Fixtures

El Segundo, California, USA

Full-color LED direct-view fixtures with fine levels of control can display complex, dynamic images and color-changing effects, as well as large-scale video. Linear and strand fixtures can create two- and three-dimensional displays on any scale, from stunning indoor set pieces to building-covering video displays visible for miles.


SkyRibbon Powercore Family

The SkyRibbon Linear Direct Powercore is a family of recessed linear interior LED direct view fixtures available in T-Bar, Slotted-T, Flanged, and Flangeless housings.


FlexElite Family


Flex Family

Flex fixtures are flexible strands of high-intensity, LED nodes designed for extraordinary effects and expansive installations without the constraints of fixture size, shape, or space.


Accent Family

Accent is a family of direct view linear LED fixture ideally suited highlighting exterior architectural details with long ribbons of intense, high-quality color changing or white light.


ArchiPoint iColor Powercore Family

ArchiPoint iColor Powercore is a daylight-visible, exterior-rated LED point of light ideally suited for a range of direct-view and beacon applications, as well as for accent applications such as path and marker lighting.


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