Services by Color Kinetics Application Engineers

    City of Veghel
    Veghel, Netherlands

    Initial project consultation and on-site survey


    Ideally held at the job site, this technical consultation should include the Client, the Color Kinetics sales representative, and when applicable, the Architect, Lighting Designer, and/or the General Contractor, and must include the Electrical Contractor. Color Kinetics recommends that this consultation take place prior to the electrical contractor bidding procedure, so that the Applications Engineer can present the proper and efficient installation techniques. When combined with the on-site supervision service (see below), this consultation results in smooth installations and trouble-free operation.

    On-site supervision of Color Kinetics product installation and start up


    A Color Kinetics Applications Engineer is on-site to monitor the installation and start up of all Color Kinetics products used. This service includes supervision of the correct manner of addressing Color Kinetics luminaires, verification of proper data and power wiring configurations, programming of Color Kinetics controllers, and if necessary, troubleshooting of the entire Color Kinetics system.

    Show-design utilizing Color Kinetics ColorPlay software

    Color Kinetics Applications Engineers use Color Kinetics ColorPlay software to configure a customized lighting show that realizes the vision of the Client, Architect and/or Lighting Designer. If there is no preconceived lighting show for the installation, an experienced Color Kinetics Applications Engineer will work closely with the Client or Architect to produce a creative show that complements any space. After final approval, the show is downloaded to a Color Kinetics iPlayer® controller purchased and provided by the Client. This show-design service is available on-site and/or at Color Kinetics, depending on the needs of the Client.

    Terms and conditions


    All Color Kinetics products (and third-party products, if applicable) and installation personnel must be on-site and ready for installation supervision upon the pre-negotiated arrival of the Color Kinetics Applications Engineer. If the Applications Engineer arrives at the job site and the above items/personnel are not ready for the installation, the Client will forfeit the pre-paid deposit for the delay.

    Applications Engineers will obtain “sign in” and “sign out” signatures from an authorized individual for all services performed, and will comply with the not-to-exceed amount agreed upon in the signed Applications Engineering Services Commission Quote and Authorization Form. Any additional service time needed requires a signed change order to the Applications Engineering Services Commission Quote and Authorization Form. Color Kinetics will make reasonable efforts to prevent any such additional charges from accruing.

    All equipment should be installed per the National Electric Code and local building regulations. A certified electrical contractor who meets state or local regulations and code must be on-site for all primary electrical work. Color Kinetics Applications Engineers are not journeymen or electrical contractors, and will only advise and supervise the installation and start up of Color Kinetics products. The Client is required to obtain, at its own expense, any and all permits, licenses, certificates, franchises, permissions, clearances, registrations, qualifications or authorizations necessary or desirable for Color Kinetics to perform the services.

    The Client understands that, if any of the prerequisites are not met, unpredictable or undesirable results may occur, and that such results are not the responsibility of Color Kinetics. Color Kinetics will make all reasonable efforts to work with the existing conditions, but at any point may refuse to proceed with the project if the Applications Engineer determines that to do so would not be in the best interest of the Client and/or Color Kinetics.

    ColorPlay Programming Services terms and conditions

    If a Color Kinetics Applications Engineer is retained to design a lighting show, the Client will provide product specification information, CAD drawings, and a detailed description of the vision of the light show. It is at the discretion of the Applications Engineer to determine whether a site visit is necessary to realize the lighting show. The Applications Engineer will download the final show to a Color Kinetics iPlayer controller if such device is purchased and provided by the Client. The Client is not required to purchase the ColorPlay software program.

    Commissioning Color Kinetics Applications Engineering Services

    To commission a Color Kinetics Applications Engineer, the Client must sign and submit an Applications Engineering Services Commission Quote and Authorization Form along with any appropriate Purchase Order information. A fourteen (14) day advance written notice and receipt of the pre-paid deposit are required for securing on-site services.


    Regular work hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and a regular workday is eight (8) hours. Work performed outside of these hours will be billed at overtime rates.


    All commission bookings are subject to the availability of a Color Kinetics Applications Engineer.

    Travel Expenses

    The Applications Engineering Services Commission Quote and Authorization Form contains fees for travel expenses to the job site. Color Kinetics charges a per diem to cover all reasonable travel related expenses, i.e., transportation, lodging, meals, etc. The Client may opt to arrange and pay for all travel related expenses if mutually agreed upon in writing by both the Client and Color Kinetics.

    Pre-Paid Deposit

    A pre-paid deposit for a minimum of one day of service plus full travel expenses is required at the time of booking for all on-site.

    Invoicing Terms

    Actual service time will be reconciled (minimum service blocks = one eight hour day) upon completion of the job. The Client will be invoiced for performed Applications Engineering services not covered by the pre-paid deposit.

    Cancellation Policy

    The Client will forfeit the pre-paid deposit for any cancellation made in the two (2) prior business days of the scheduled on-site.



    An Applications Engineering Services Commission Quote is valid for thirty (30) days from date of issue. A new quotation will be issued after this time at the request of the Client. Color Kinetics reserves the right to extend this quotation beyond 30 days.