Reach Powercore gen2 & Reach Compact Powercore

    Rely on Reach


    Transform a wide range of buildings and structures with the hard-working luminaire that can do it all

    Our family of Reach luminaires—including Reach Powercore gen2 and Reach Compact Powercore—is incredibly popular with lighting designers and building owners. Why? Flexibility and reliability. Spotlight architectural details. Floodlight tall buildings or façades. Highlight exterior textures. Cover walls with a wash of bright white or vivid color light. All with the Reach family’s proven quality and reliability.


    Take a close look at almost any urban environment and you’ll see Reach LED luminaires at work, providing exterior floodlighting, spotlighting, wall washing, and grazing. Reach long-throw exterior luminaires are some of the world’s most popular LED lighting solutions—and have led the marketplace for more than a decade.


    Reach Powercore gen2 offers multiple four-channel options (RGBA, RGBW), as well as traditional RGB. Plus, there’s tunable white light, solid white or color light. With its split design, each half is individually addressable and controllable.


    Reach Compact Powercore offers the same variety of light options as Reach Powercore gen2 in a smaller single-luminaire form factor.


    Rugged and Resilient


    Reach can handle almost any exterior lighting challenge. When you spec it for an installation, you can be confident that it will deliver the bright, targeted light you need—right from the start, and year after year.

    4-Channel Options


    Our ColorReach Powercore gen2 luminaires give you four-channel options—RGBW and RGBA—as well as traditional RGB.



    Our Powercore technology controls power output to Reach luminaires directly from line voltage—quickly, efficiently, and accurately. And Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro merges line voltage with control data, delivering it over a single cable. The result? Dramatically simpler installation and lower total system cost.

    Color Consistency and Accuracy


    Optibin, our LED optimization technology, helps ensure uniformity and consistency of hue and color temperature for all Reach luminaires—taking the guesswork out of the process.

    Exceptional Performance


    ColorReach Powercore gen2 luminaires provide a clean mixed beam with high efficiency, enabling it to deliver light exactly where it’s needed. And a clean, precisely mixed beam means quality light. The result? ColorReach provides the high output needed to illuminate medium-to-large exteriors and structures.

    Choice of Form Factors


    With Reach, you can choose from a full line of light solutions (RGBA, RGBW, RGB, iW, eW, and eColor) in two form factors—traditional Reach luminaires and smaller Reach Compact luminaires. So you can choose the right size luminaire for your installation.

    Extensive Array of Accessories


    A full line of field-installed accessories designed by Color Kinetics lets you adjust your solution to meet your specific needs—including 6 different spread lenses, louvers, and half and full glare shields.


    Each half of Reach Powercore gen2 luminaires is individually configurable with optional accessories. For instance, you could use one spread lens with a trim bezel, a louver, and a half glare shield on the luminaire’s lower half and a different spread lens with trim bezel on the upper half.


    Both Reach Powercore gen2 and Reach Compact require a single leader cable per unit.  


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    iColor Products

    RGBW - Better-quality white light as compared to RGB.

    RGBA - Expanded color range of warmer tones—gold, yellow, and orange, as compared to RGB.

    RGB - Standard option for intensely saturated color light.

    iW, eW, and eColor Products

    iW (IntelliWhite) - Tunable white light in a range of color temperatures from 2700 K to 6500 K.

    eW (Essential White) - White light in a warm 2700 K or a cool 4000 K.

    eColor (Essential Color) - Intensely saturated red, green, blue, or amber light for accent and other special applications.