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    iColor MR gen3

    Interior MR16 lamp with intelligent RGB light

    iColor MR gen3 is an intelligent color-changing lamp that delivers intense, saturated bursts of color and color-changing effects. The stylish housing fits into most standard MR16 luminaires, including tracks, cables, rails, and pendants. With high-intensity LED light sources and three beam angles, iColor MR gen3 is suitable for a wide-range of architectural, theatrical, and retail applications.

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    • Compatible with most MR16 luminaires and sockets
      With its standard GU5.3 base and two-pin MR16 connector, iColor MR gen3 is compatible with most MR16 tracks, rails, cables, and pendant luminaires.

    • Three beam angles
      Use the 17° lamp when you need a spot of light with sharply defined edges, the 30° lamps for a wider spread of light, and the 90° (no optic) lamp for a soft, diffuse light.

    • Industry-leading controls
      Works seamlessly with the complete Color Kinetics line of controllers, including Light System Manager, iPlayer 3, and ColorDial Pro, as well as third-party controllers.

    • Standard wiring and simple installation
      iColor MR gen3 lamps work with standard 2-conductor jacketed cable or hook-up wire. Power/data supplies specifically designed for use with iColor MR gen3 multiplex power and data onto a two-wire circuit for use with conventional MR16 luminaires and sockets.

    • Efficient and cost-effective
      iColor MR gen3 is easily adaptable to a wide range of interior environments where MR16 luminaires are commonly used. With long useful source life, low power draw of just 5 W, and low-maintenance operation, iColor MR gen3 lamps cost significantly less to own and operate than conventional MR16 lamps.


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