sPDS-60ca 24V

    Compact power/data supply for indoor

    sPDS-60ca 24V is a compact power/data supply designed for indoor LED lighting installations using Chromasic luminaires from Color Kinetics. It can work with both DMX and Ethernet controllers, so you can use it in installations of virtually any size. In DMX networks, it boasts an easy-to-read digital display and onboard push-button controls, which allow for quick and easy commissioning of new installations. Ethernet commissioning is even easier—just connect the sPDS-60ca 24V to your lighting network, and you’ll instantly be able to play your light shows.


    • Supports intelligent luminaire grouping
      sPDS-60ca 24V can group consecutive nodes together so that they operate in unison. Grouping multiple nodes together decreases the total number of unique addresses that your installation requires, allowing you to include more nodes in a DMX universe.

    • Versatile use in DMX and Ethernet installations
      sPDS-60ca 24V can be used in LED lighting installations containing as little as a single DMX universe, but it’s smart enough to detect when it’s connected to an Ethernet installation. That also means that sPDS-60ca 24V is compatible with every controller available from Color Kinetics.

    • Delivers 62 watts of total output
      Accommodates input voltages ranging from 100 VAC to 240 VAC. All power and data connections are made via an external panel, for reduced installation time. Short-circuit protection prevents failure due to incorrectly wired luminaires.

    • Regulatory Listings
      UL/cUL, PSE
    • Automatically discovers connected luminaires
      Because sPDS-60ca 24V works with Chromasic luminaires, it detects connected LED nodes and automatically assigns a DMX address to each node. This radically simplifies the commissioning process and reduces the time you need to set up your lighting network.

    • Onboard addressing
      Push-button controls incorporate the ability to program base light addresses and configure light groups, eliminating the need for additional addressing tools or software.

    • Environment
      Dry Location, IP20


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