DM-1000 0-10 V ELV Dimmer

    Extend compatibility of your ELV-dimmable luminaires with architectural 0-10 V dimmers

    DM-1000 takes the guesswork out of choosing a 0-10 V dimmer for your ELV-dimmable EssentialWhite and EssentialColor luminaires from Color Kinetics. Using virtually any industry standard 0-10 V dimming control, DM-1000 ensures flicker-free dimming of your luminaires. An onboard trim adjustment allows instant configuration, and a test button confirms proper functioning of your devices, eliminating costly and time-consuming reinstallation.


    • Smooth, flicker-free dimming
      DM-1000 ensures the best possible dimming performance of EssentialWhite and EssentialColor luminaires from Color Kinetics, even at very low intensity levels.

    • Affordable and attractive
      Enclosed in a sleek aluminium housing, DM-1000 is a cost-effective solution that ensures smooth dimming of your ELV-dimmable luminaires.

    • Simple configuration
      An onboard trim control allows you to define the lowest desired intensity level. Simply set your dimmer to its lowest position, adjust the trim level, and you’re done.

    • Integrated test button
      DM-1000 features an onboard button for testing LED luminaires that are attached to the dimming module. Press this button to instantly dim attached luminaires, confirming that your devices are working just as you expect them to. Press the button again, and your luminaires resume normal operation. An onboard indicator LED provides visual confirmation of normal operation.

    • Expanded compatibility with industry standard 0-10 V dimmers
      DM-1000 expands compatibility of EssentialWhite and EssentialColor ELV-dimmable luminaires to virtually any architectural 0-10 V source. So whether you’re buying a new dimmer or using one you’ve already installed, you can be sure it won’t make your luminaires flicker.

    • Easy installation
      A hinged mounting plate, springloaded terminal block connector, and integrated flying leads allow for quick and simple installation on a standard 4 inch square junction box. 0-10 V control wires can be connected to DM-1000 in a Class I or Class II electrical configuration.

    • Supports up to 1,000 VA of power output
      DM-1000 can handle up to 450 VA at 120 VAC or up to 1,000 VA at 277 VAC.

    • Environment
      Dry/Damp Location, Plenum Rated


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