Data Filter IntelliPower

    IntelliPower employs an innovative implementation of proven power line carrier technology to send high-bandwidth control data to luminaires over standard 2 + ground wiring, enabling the integration of intelligent LED lighting solutions into existing power systems. By leveraging existing electrical and physical infrastructures, IntelliPower technology lets you affordably install dynamic, digitally controllable LED lighting where it was never possible before.

    There are two types of Data Filters, upstream and downstream.

    The downstream data filter is positioned on the input data and power stream between the Data Receiver IntelliPower devices and the end luminaires to eliminate noise and deliver clear control data to intelligent luminaires.

    The upstream data filter is positioned on the input power stream between the electrical source and Data Enabler IntelliPower devices to eliminate noise and interference from neighboring networks and other sources.


    • Flexible configurations
      You can install IntelliPower devices in virtually any configuration to support the full range of lighting design needs. You can use multiple IntelliPower devices on a branch to connect individual LED lighting fixtures in situations where you cannot lay new cable. You can send the same data stream to multiple Data Enabler IntelliPower devices to control fixtures on multiple branches from a single control source.

    • Outdoor rated
      Data Filters IntelliPower are fully sealed and IP66-rated for outdoor applications.

    • Regulatory Listings
      UL/cUL, CE, FCC Class A
    • Universal power input range
      IntelliPower devices accept a universal power input range of 100 to 277 VAC for consistent installation and usage anywhere in the world.

    • Environment
      Dry/Damp/Wet Location, IP66

    • Eliminates noise from IntelliPower networks between the Data Receivers IntelliPower and Color Kinetics luminaires.