eW Profile MX Powercore

    Interior under-cabinet workplace task luminaire with single temperature white light

    eW Profile MX Powercore is a linear, direct line voltage LED under-cabinet light for common office and workplace task applications. Offers a rapid LED retrofit for traditional halogen or fluorescent task lights. Low power draw per foot and optional occupancy sensor maximize energy efficiency.

    Product Summary and Specification Sheets


    • Versatile plug-and-play installation
      A low-profile housing allows discreet under-cabinet placement. Luminaires are available in 457 mm (18 in) and 914 mm (36 in) lengths with surface mounting or magnet mounting options, and plug directly into US standard wall plugs.

    • A range of options for design and application flexibility
      Available in 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, and 4000 K color temperatures. White housing matches a range of office decors.

    • Superior color consistency and accuracy
      Optibin, an advanced binning algorithm, exceeds the recognized standards for color quality to guarantee uniformity and consistency of hue and color temperature.

    • Dramatic energy savings
      457 mm (18 in) luminaires consume just 9 W, and 914 mm (36 in) luminaires consume 18 W. Optional occupancy sensor for additional energy savings.

    • Integrates patented Powercore technology
      Powercore rapidly, efficiently, and accurately controls power directly from line voltage, eliminating external power supplies.

    • Smooth dimming capability
      Patented DIMand technology offers smooth dimming capability with the DM-1000 0-10 V ELV Dimmer or selected reverse-phase ELV-type dimmers. More about dimming »