eW Profile Powercore gen4

    Interior under-cabinet ultra-low profile workspace and accent lighting luminaire with single temperature white light

    Profile gen4 brings advanced under-cabinet lighting to today’s sophisticated kitchens. Thanks to its ultra-low profile, Profile gen4 fits seamlessly into any kitchen—from galley to grand, including retrofits and new construction. To create the right ambiance, it offers four popular color temperatures (2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, or 4000 K). A choice of luminaire lengths and a wide range of accessories keep installation fast and easy. Exceptional energy efficiency can generate rebates right from the start, and deliver dramatic energy savings over many years of reliable use.

    Product Summary and Specification Sheets


    • Exceptional illumination
      Profile gen4 delivers exceptional light with an impressive CRI of 90+, so it’s brighter and better. Optibin, our proprietary binning optimization process, guarantees uniformity and consistency of hue and color temperature.

    • Smart power
      Patented Powercore® technology provides precision output to Profile gen4 luminaires directly from line voltage, enabling longer run lengths and eliminating the need for bulky, hard-to-hide power supplies.

    • Rebate eligibility
      Profile gen4 is EnergyStar® listed, as well as a California Title T24 high-efficiency residential listed product, creating rebate opportunities in selected areas.

    • Easy installation
      Contractor-friendly installation dramatically simplifies installation and lowers total system cost. Available in 279 mm (11 in), 533 mm (21 in), and 1,041 mm (41 in) luminaire lengths with multiple jumper cable and connector options to accommodate a wide range of projects. UL rated for dry and damp environments.

    • Flexible integration
      Profile gen4’s ultra-low profile lets it fit discretely into almost any layout, from simple to elaborate, making it suitable for installation within closet storage spaces and under cabinets.

    • Ambiance options
      Warm (2700 K), White (3000 K), Neutral (3500 K), and Cool (4000 K).

    • Smooth dimming capability
      Patented DIMand® technology offers smooth dimming capability with the DM-1000 0-10 V ELV Dimmer or select reverse-phase ELV-type dimmers. More about dimming »

    • Energy cost savings
      Profile gen4 consumes less than 3 W of energy per foot, and can support continuous runs of up to 15.3 m (50 ft). Profile gen4 luminaires use 40% less energy than comparable fluorescent sources, and 80% less energy than incandescent sources. No off-state power consumption increases energy savings even further.

    • 5-year warranty
      Profile gen4 delivers a long, useful light. A 5-year warranty exceeds that of other manufacturers, providing a high degree of confidence to consumers.