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EvenBalance Essential White Powercore

Interior linear solid white light forward throw asymmetric luminaire

EvenBalance Essential White Powercore is a compact interior linear luminaire that is ideal for washing and grazing applications where uniform light is paramount. The forward-throw asymmetric optic efficiently provides industry-leading illuminance uniformity. Two beam spreads: Washing and Grazing, two lengths: 305 mm (1 ft) and 1219 mm (4 ft), and the ability to continuously rotate the luminaire up to 180° enable a high degree of flexibility for lighting designers when using EvenBalance Essential White Powercore.

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  • Uniform illumination
    EvenBalance Essential White Powercore delivers a uniformity ratio of less than 3:1 on a 3 m (9 ft) wall with an 0.5 m (1.5 ft) setback.

  • Grazing and Washing options
    The grazing beam spread of EvenBalance eW Powercore evenly accentuates the surface of a textured wall at a 50 mm (2 in) setback. The washing beam spread is designed to evenly illuminate flat surfaces, such as drywall, with a high illuminance, using a 150 mm to 500 mm (0.5 to 1.5 ft) setback.

  • Multiple color temperatures
    Available in 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, and 4000 K color temperatures for applications calling for warm, neutral, or cool white light.

  • Support for multiple voltages
    Accepts line voltage of 100 to 277 VAC for consistent installation and operation around the world.

  • Precise control of light
    Asymmetric optic design provides precise control of light and delivers more illumination with higher uniformity at a lower power than comparable fluorescent asymmetric reflector solutions.

  • Integrates patented Powercore technology
    Powercore rapidly, efficiently, and accurately controls power directly from line voltage, eliminating the need for an external power supply. Contractor-friendly installation dramatically simplifies installation and lowers total system cost.

  • Simple installation
    The linear design and small form factor of EvenBalance Essential White Powercore makes it easy to install, conceal, in tight interior spaces. The 180° continuous rotation and constant torque rotation make the luminaire extremely adaptable in any application.

  • Dimming capability
    Patented DIMand technology offers smooth dimming capability with selected commercially available reverse-phase ELV-type dimmers.