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SmartJack Pro

Ultra-compact USB-to-DMX converter with commissioning software

SmartJack Pro is a USB-to-DMX converter that enables control of your DMX-based lighting installation from a computer. Combined with QuickPlay Pro software, SmartJack Pro lets you assign and test light addresses, configure and test DMX addresses, and author basic light shows. SmartJack Pro is compatible with all Color Kinetics Intelligent Series color changing lighting luminaires.

Specification Sheets


  • Easy to use
    SmartJack Pro connects to any Windows PC or Mac via USB connection.

  • Bundled with QuickPlay Pro software
    QuickPlay Pro allows light addressing, DMX addressing, light testing, power/data supply configuration, basic show authoring, and more.

  • Automatic controller and luminaire detection
    QuickPlay Pro automatically detects all connected controllers and luminaires.

  • Additional options with QuickPlay Pro
    When connected to an Ethernet network, QuickPlay Pro can address Ethernet-based luminaires. QuickPlay Pro is also compatible with iPlayer 3 for added DMX control and light addressing options.

  • Regulatory Listings
    FCC Class A, CE


  • Ultra-compact design
    SmartJack Pro weighs less than one pound and has a form factor of 40 x 58 x 77 mm (1.58 in x 2.27 x 3.03 in).

  • Import/export light address files
    QuickPlay Pro supports import and export of comma-separated light address files.

  • Four built-in, configurable effects
    Create basic light shows using the fixed color, color wash, sweep, and streak effects.

  • Environment
    Dry Location, IP20