Landmark Gateway

    Connect your site to Interact Landmark for remote architectural lighting management for smartphone, tablet and PC


    The Landmark Gateway is a communication hub that connects a dynamic LED lighting system to the remote monitoring or scene management applications of Interact Landmark. The Landmark Gateway translates between a computer network and a lighting network consisting of luminaires, power/data supplies and controllers.


    This connected solution provides an array of features that enable facility managers, lighting designers, and field service personnel to perform their roles more quickly and easily. This solution – the first of its kind in the architectural lighting industry - ensures

    customers can enhance their brand image and enjoy peace of mind.


    • Single Landmark Gateway per site
    • Bidirectional control and device data exchange between the managed devices and cloud services
    • Local user interface for commissioning, configuration or basic operations, matching the Interact Landmark user experience
    • Local identity management to prevent unauthorized access
    • Supports TLS encrypted communication to the cloud
    • Supports secure firmware upgrade from local storage or the cloud
    • Uses a standard RJ45 Ethernet interface to connect to existing networks
    • Local storage to avoid data loss in case of internet connection failure
    • Fan-less design, maximizing product lifetime
    • Watchdog to minimize downtime

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