Lava lamp multicolored

    Lavalamp with constantly changing colors

    Designed by Bopa. Watch a short impression of the videos downloadable below.


    1  256x144 / 2m30s / 4MB / horizontal white

    2  256x144 /  5m05s / 7MB / horizontal black

    3  256x144 /  2m17s / 2MB / horizontal black

    4  256x144 /  2m10s / 2MB / vertical on black

    5  256x144 /  2m08s / 1MB / horizontal black


    Suitable up to 768x432 cm / 25x14 ft.

    For larger installations please contact your local sales representative.

    Lavalamp multicolored

    Textile and Content


    What is the effect of a specific textile on dynamic video content?

    Content Requirements

    Advice for creating your own Luminous Textile content with the Content Manager software.