Vaya Flood


    Flood lighting with flexibility


    Choose the flexible flood that’s right for all-purpose use—and great for getting attention.

    Vaya Flood LED luminaires let you get attention with high-impact, eye-catching flood lighting, wall washing, and spot lighting. Choose dynamic RGBW color, or white light—from warm to cool. Get the punch and output you need, all in a compact, rugged, lightweight luminaire designed for reliability.

    First impressions really count


    Whether it’s bright white or color, high-impact flood lighting can make all the difference to a landmark, atrium, or office building.


    Our family of popular Color Kinetics Vaya Series luminaires offer a powerful range of choice and the highest standards of reliability. Yet they are still an exceptional value.


    Lightweight, yet rugged


    At hundreds of sites around the world Color Kinetics Vaya Series gives continuous, trouble-free operation, giving you real peace of mind.

    Installed with direct line voltage


    There’s no need to worry about remote electricity supply, as Vaya Flood luminiares are powered by line voltage.

    Ready for any conditions


    Highly durable, Vaya Flood luminaires are tested for maximum reliability in all conditions—including harsh outdoor settings.

    Powerful punch


    The small form factor shouldn’t fool you. Vaya Flood luminaires can throw 10lx up to 70.7 m (1fc up to 232 ft). Choose from low, medium, or high-power options.



    How can we be so confident about Vaya Series? It’s proved itself to be reliable and easy to maintain in hundreds of trouble-free installations. Forget about the adjustment and replacement that is common with traditional flood lights.

    Precise Control


    Vaya Flood HP, MP, and LP offer three beam angle options—10°, 20°, 40°. You’re in control. Less spill and more tailored light distribution.

    Color Consistency


    Thanks to careful engineering, consistently rigorous binning and meticulous manufacturing, Vaya Series achieves high color consistency of three MacAdam ellipses (3SDCM) across all Vaya Flood luminaires.


    Highly efficient compared with traditional incandescent or metal halide solutions, Vaya Flood luminiares deliver an impressive 90+ lumens per Watt.


    Take a closer look

    Choose the right Vaya Flood luminaire for your needs.

    Color Products

    RGBW - Better-quality white light as compared to RGB.

    Solid White Products

    White - White light in a neutral 3000 K or a cool 4000 K.