Unprecedented uniformity and consistency for demanding white-light applications

Even, bright white light across all surfaces is critical to demanding applications such as building entries, areas of high traffic, retail displays, airport terminals, houses of worship, and many other sites. Whether lighting an arched ceiling, a vertical wall, or a ceiling or floor, uniform illumination allows viewers to focus on the beauty of the architecture and environment — instead of being distracted by flaws or variation in the light.

Achieving high level of white-light uniformity can be a challenge. Traditional approaches fall short of the evenness that lighting professionals require. But now there's Philips Color Kinetics EvenBalance, a static white forward-throw asymmetric luminaire that provides industry-leading illuminance and uniformity.

What do lighting
professionals need?


The solution must provide measurably even illumination, without hotspots or fading. What level of uniformity? Demanding applications require extremely low variation — so low that it would be unnoticeable by the general public.

High Delivered

An energy-efficient solution must direct light to the intended surface with high delivered lumens as well as minimal energy consumption.


Current approaches to achieving even illumination tend to require multiple fixture types and/or time-consuming on-site aiming to achieve the intended illuminance uniformity. A new solution must be fast and easy to implement and reliable to use.

Design Flexibility

The solution must be available in key versions, such as wall grazing and wall washing. It must provide different lengths and setbacks, and be easily aimed to meet a broad set of challenges, wall types, and orientations (vertical/horizontal). This high level of flexibility ensures broad applicability — a must given the range of applications, architectures, and implementations that require even, uniform illumination.


Why don't current
methods of achieving
even illumination

Fluorescent asymmetric reflectors have been available for a long time, and are often used in implementations that require balanced light. However, the inherent limitations of fluorescent light and asymmetric reflectors generate sub-optimal results. In short, they often do not provide the high level of consistency that lighting professionals require. These solutions can only provide low delivered lumens, unlike higher light levels and consistency achieved by EvenBalance. And they often require layering and other work-arounds that help give the illusion of seamless illumination.

It's clear that today's lighting professionals want and need a new option for even illumination. In short, they want a forward-throw luminaire that provides exceptional consistency, and that makes even illumination significantly easier to achieve — and that can deliver high performance at a low power level. Only then can a solution meet the ever-escalating demands posed by exciting new implementations throughout the world.

Lighting professionals are looking for the efficacy gains only possible by moving to LED technology (lower lm/W). They want to achieve two key goals enabled by LED technology — lower uniformity ratios and high delivered lumens (average illuminance) on the wall. Why? Because efficient power consumption helps meet demanding lighting design and energy code requirements.

Inconsistent control and low delivered lumens are typical issues when using fluorescent asymmetric reflectors.

EvenBalance features an innovative optic design that delivers light precisely where it is needed.


takes a new approach

We started from the ground up to rethink forward-throw illumination for maximum evenness and brightness. EvenBalance combines innovative industrial design, smaller form factors, and easier installation. Our LED optic design is smaller, more precise, and more flexible, enabling EvenBalance to deliver consistent, bright light to a remarkably broad set of implementations.


Here are just some of the reasons why
EvenBalance is different,
and why it meets the needs of today's
lighting professionals:


EvenBalance offers two beams — grazing for 50 mm (2 in) setback and washing for 150 - 457 mm (6 - 18 in) setback. This capability ensures that EvenBalance can deliver even illumination to a wide range of installations.

Even Illuminance

EvenBalance provides industry-leading illuminance across a 3 meter sq2 wall with a small, easily concealable linear luminaire that delivers remarkable consistency. Its high-quality white light delivers as low as a 2:1 uniformity ratio, and an impressively small 2 MacAdam ellipse color variance from fixture to fixture — virtually unnoticeable by the human eye.

Efficiency and Brightness

Our research team devised a simple, innovative LED asymmetric optical design, one that provides precise control of almost all light from the source — and that takes a major leap forward from traditional fluorescent reflectors, which cannot shape the light efficiently. The result? EvenBalance delivers higher efficacy and higher delivered lumens, all while requiring less power.

Easy Implementation

EvenBalance is a small and easily concealed linear luminaire. The smaller form factor and modular design of EvenBalance (in 0.3 m / one foot and 1.2 m / four foot versions) ensure fast, easy use in a wide range of applications. Installation is simple, and uses standard 3-conductor cable. With EvenBalance, brightness and evenness are easy to achieve, without time-consuming ad hoc experimentation and adjustments, or additions of other fixtures.


Learn more about EvenBalance

EvenBalance is best used in applications such a lobbies, retail product displays, and high traffic areas that demand the highest uniformity. Innovative design and smart features enable EvenBalance to deliver the highest uniformity with the most lumens for the least power — achieving the most even illumination in the marketplace. These critical capabilities mean that EvenBalance has the brightness and evenness required for ambitious applications that require maximum consistency across large areas. Since EvenBalance is extremely easy to use and install, these capabilities do not require extra time or effort from lighting professionals during design or implementation.

The quest for even illumination and high delivered lumens is over —
Philips Color Kinetics EvenBalance.

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