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    Reach and Reach Compact Accessories

    Customizable and durable accessory designed for all Reach and Reach Compact luminaires

    Reach Powercore and Reach Compact Powercore accessories offer a variety of operational and aesthetic possibilities to lighting designers as well as the dependable durability associated with Color Kinetics products. Multiple beam angles can be achieved with the spread lenses to offer a range of floodlighting, spotlighting, and wall-washing options. The louver, and glare shields can be installed on luminaires to control spill light, source cut-off and discomfort glare.


    • Creates new aesthetic possibilities
      Add or combine a spread lens, louver, and full glare shield, or half glare shield.

    • Louver
      Black external louver is used to add individual source cut-off.

    • Half Glare Shield
      Used much like the full glare shield, can also be utilized to help prevent uplight.

    • Spread Lens
      In addition to the native 5° lens, six different spread lenses can customize the luminaire to produce 8°, 13°, 23°, 43°, 63°, and 5° x 17° (asymmetric) beam angles. Trim bezel is necessary to mount the spread lens and must be ordered separately.

    • Full Glare Shield
      Cleans up beam in near field adjacent surfaces and creates cut-off of entire LED array, thus helping with discomfort glare.

    • Glare shields are black powder-coated, to match Reach and Reach Compact.