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    Graze Accessories

    Customizable and durable accessory designed for all Graze luminaires

    Graze accessories offer a variety of operational and aesthetic possibilities to lighting designers as well as the dependable durability associated with Color Kinetics products. Multiple beam angles offer a range of wall grazing and wall washing options. The louver, masking shield, mounting arm, and inground enclosure can be installed on luminaires to improve the precision of the lighting while also providing extra protection.

    Specification Sheets


    • Creates new aesthetic possibilities
      Add a louver, masking shield, mounting arm, or inground enclosure.
    • Louver
      Controls the spill light from a luminaire. Available in four sizes (305 mm, 610 mm, 914 mm, and 1,219 mm) and one color (black).
    • Masking Shield
      Keeps the luminaire body and any cables out of view. Available in four     sizes (305 mm, 610 mm, 914 mm, and 1219 mm) and one color (white).
    • Mounting Arm
      Enables precise setback distance between luminaire and any flat, perpendicular surface. Available in three sizes (short, medium, and long) and three colors (black, gray, and white) for Burst architectural.

    • Inground Enclosure
      Enables ground recessed lighting applications using any Graze luminaire. Available in four sizes (305 mm, 610 mm, 914 mm, and 1219 mm) to accommodate all Graze luminaire lengths.

    • Glare Shield
      Prevents the light source from being visible and directs the spill light to a predictable area. Remove Product Summary from heading over snippet.