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    Burst gen2 and Burst Compact Accessories

    Customizable and durable accessory designed for all Burst gen2 and Burst Compact

    Burst Powercore gen2 and Burst Compact Powercore accessories offer a variety of operational and aesthetic possibilities to lighting designers as well as the dependable durability associated with Color Kinetics products. Multiple beam angles can be achieved with the spread lenses to offer a range of spotlighting and wall-washing options. The louver, glare shield, and mounting arm can be installed on luminaires to improve the precision of the lighting while also providing extra protection.


    • Creates new aesthetic possibilities
      Add or combine a spread lens, louver, and full glare shield, or half glare shield in four colors for Burst gen2 (black, bronze, gray, and white) and three colors for Burst Compact (black, gray, and white). Add a mounting arm to the Burst architectural, available in three colors (black, gray, white).

    • Louver
      Controls the spill light, like a glare shield, but requires a fraction of the depth.

    • Half Glare Shield
      Angled on one side the half glare shield prevents the viewer from seeing the light source.

    • Match the color of the accessories to the housing color of the Burst gen2 or Burst Compact luminaire you have chosen.


    • Made to Stock
      Some items in this family are eligible for our North American Made to Stock program. Find out more >

    • Spread Lens
      In addition to the Burst gen2 native 8° lens (eW Burst gen2 native 6° lens), six different spread lenses can customize the luminaire to produce 10°, 20°, 40°, 60°, 80°, and 10° x 40° (asymmetric) beam angles and Burst Compact native 8° lens, four different spread lenses can customize the luminaire to produce 14°, 23°, 41°, and 10° x 41° (asymmetric) beam angles. Trim ring or glare shield are necessary to mount the spread lens and must be ordered separately.

    • Full Glare Shield
      Prevents the light source from being visible and directs the spill light to a predictable area.

    • Mounting Arms
      Enables precise setback distance between luminaire and any flat, perpendicular surface. Available in three sizes (short, medium, and long) and three colors (black, gray, and white) for Burst architectural.

    • Meets ASTM B117 standard for > 1,500 hours of corrosion resistance and ANSI C136.31-2010 standard with a 3G vibration rating.