Imperial College London Diabetes Centre

Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates

Photo Credits: Martin Pfeiffer

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Since its grand opening in August 2006, the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, has served as a critical component of the fight against diabetes in the UAE, a country with the second highest prevalence of the condition in the world. So when joint owners Imperial College London and the Mubadala Development Company decided in 2011 to expand the Centre's high level of specialized patient care to a second, energy-efficient facility in Al Ain, they contracted Philips to ensure the project would have a sustainable, dynamic lighting solution both inside and out.

For the facility's façade, the owners chose Philips Color Kinetics ColorReach Powercore fixtures to highlight the structure's unique silhouette and extruded geometric architecture. The low-maintenance operation and sustainable design of these LED floodlights supported the project's green philosophy, while the fixtures' dynamic color-changing capabilities allowed for a bold visual identity suitable for such an important institution.

The project's goal was to increase the energy efficiency of its indoor lighting, while continuing to provide the levels of functional light required for healthcare applications. The owners selected a range of energy-efficient Philips lighting products to guarantee that the ICLDC'S second Centre would feature reduced glare, low light power density, and quality of light necessary for medical staff to perform their tasks comfortably.

Project engineer Baraa Ali reflected on the success of this installation. "Philips Lighting provided exceptional design and sustainable solutions enabling us to achieve the desired effect for the project ICLDC/Al Ain," Ali said. "We are thrilled with the result, an impressive statement for one of the UAE's premier healthcare facilities."

Thanks to this installation, when the ICLCD's owners opened the Centre to the public in May 2012 it made a powerful media impression both for its visually striking exterior and its energy-efficient, cost-effective LED interior lighting solution. Because of the low maintenance and energy costs of the Philips Color Kinetics LED solution, the Centre has become a benchmark for financially viable green healthcare facilities throughout the UAE.

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