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Dublin Airport

Dublin, Ireland

Photo Credits: DAA

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In April 2007 the Dublin Airport Authority unveiled a new, state of the art check-in facility, called Area 14, at Dublin Airport. The space is expected to accommodate approximately two million Aer Lingus passengers per year, and counts intelligent LED lighting by Color Kinetics among its high-tech design touches.

Given its location in the airport's basement, Area 14 required a lighting scheme that would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The design team conceptualized a series of illuminated disks that measure approximately 10 feet (3 meters) in diameter and hang from the ceiling. The interior rim of each disk is lit by iColor Cove® QL — a low-profile, low-maintenance fixture that's well suited for the tight and difficult-to-access niches. Approximately 2,000 linear feet (610 meters) of iColor Cove QL was installed across the 58 disks. Each 12" (30 cm) length is individually controllable via DMX, allowing the disks to change color in unison or independently.

ColorPlay® authoring software was used to create various light shows, which include the corporate colors of Aer Lingus as well as gradual color changes that correspond to the typical amount of time required for passenger check-in. As such, passengers are treated to a colorfully transforming environment while they go through the check-in process. The light shows are stored on an iPlayer® device and easily triggered with a Controller Keypad.

Project Credits

Moloney O'Beirne , Atkins, Capita Ruddle Wilkinson, Pinniger & Partners

Dublin Airport Authority

Supply and Commissioning:
ECI Lighting