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PS-480 48V

Designed for use with CM-400 48V EO, PS-480 48V is a DIN rail mountable power supply that can accommodate input voltages ranging from 90 VAC - 264 VAC.

  • DIN rail mountable—PS-480 48V can be mounted to a DIN rail TS-35/7 or 15 making it a versatile power supply for any installation environment.
  • Delivers 480 W of power output—Accommodates input voltages ranging from 90 VAC to 264 VAC. Short-circuit protection prevents device failure due to incorrectly wired fixtures.

Product Guides & Specifications

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User Guides & Installation Instructions

PS-480-48V Installation Instructions

Product Drawings

PS-480 48V.pdf
PS-480 48V DWG.zip
PS-480 48V DXF.zip


Dry Location, IP20

This product is RoHS Compliant

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Specification Sheet Item Number 12NC
PS-480 48V Power Supply Specification Sheet 109-000220-01 912400133804