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Data Receiver IntelliPower

The Data Receiver IntelliPower works in conjunction with the Data Enabler IntelliPower to send high-bandwidth control data to fixtures over standard 2 + ground wiring, enabling the integration of intelligent LED lighting solutions into existing power systems. By leveraging existing electrical and physical infrastructures, IntelliPower technology lets you affordably install dynamic, digitally controllable LED lighting where it was never possible before.

  • IntelliPower enables the use of dynamic, digitally-controlled LED lighting in any situation where re-wiring is not desirable or feasible, including historic buildings, in-ground systems, bridges, and monumental exteriors.
  • Data Enabler IntelliPower distributes digital control data from DMX or Ethernet controllers over existing electrical branches using standard 2 + ground wiring. Data Receiver IntelliPower translates power and control streams into 3 + ground wiring for delivery to intelligent Powercore LED lighting fixtures from Philips Color Kinetics.
  • You can install IntelliPower devices in virtually any configuration to support the full range of lighting design needs. You can use multiple Data Receiver IntelliPower devices on a branch to connect individual LED lighting fixtures in situations where you cannot lay new cable.
  • Mount canopy-base fixtures from Philips Color Kinetics, including Burst Powercore Architectural and Blast Powercore, directly to the Data Receiver IntelliPower for situations in which you cannot use 3 + ground wiring. The Data Receiver IntelliPower also offers a threaded opening for fixtures with mounting posts, such as Burst Powercore Landscape.

Product Guides & Specifications

IntelliPower System Guide
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User Guides & Installation Instructions

Data Receiver IntelliPower Installation Instructions

Ordering Information

For all inquiries about IntelliPower please contact your local Philips Lighting representative or a Philips Lighting System Service Center


Dry/Damp/Wet Location, IP66

Regulatory Listings

UL / cUL, FCC Class A, CE

This product is RoHS Compliant

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PDF Description
DownloadData Receiver IntelliPower Specification Sheet

Item Numbers

Item Number12NCDescription
106-000011-31910503704148Wiring Compartment, 4in Diameter, White Housing (UL/cUL)
106-000011-40910503703275Wiring Compartment, 4in Diameter, Black Housing (CE)
106-000011-30910503704147Wiring Compartment, 4in Diameter, Black Housing (UL/cUL)
106-000011-42910503703277Wiring Compartment, 4in Diameter, Silver/Gray Housing (CE)
106-000011-32910503704149Wiring Compartment, 4in Diameter, Silver/Gray Housing (UL/cUL)
106-000011-41910503703276Wiring Compartment, 4in Diameter, White Housing (CE)

For site readiness evaluation, troubleshooting, and commissioning, please contact your local Philips Color Kinetics Representative or Philips Lighting System Service Center.