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CM-400 48V EO

CM-400 48V EO is a DIN rail mountable control module designed for use with third-party power supply units like PS-480 48V.

  • DIN rail mountable—CM-400 48V EO can be mounted to a DIN rail TS-35/7 or 15 making it a versatile control module for any installation environment.
  • Delivers 400 W of power output—Accommodates input and output voltages of 48V DC. Short-circuit protection prevents device failure due to incorrectly wired fixtures.
  • Compatible with third-party power supply units—CM- 400 48V EO can be used in conjunction with third-party power supply units like PS-480 48V.
  • KiNET input and output—Data is sent to and from the control module through KiNET, Philips Color Kinetics Ethernet lighting protocol.
  • Enhanced for ActiveSite—CM-400 48V EO, ActiveSite is designed to work with ActiveSite from Philips Color Kinetics. With ActiveSite, you can check the devices on your lighting network right from your web browser. And because ActiveSite knows the status of your control module, you can instantly pinpoint a problematic CM-400 48V EO, ActiveSite from anywhere in the world.
  • Integrated test button—CM-400 48V EO, ActiveSite features an onboard button for testing fixtures that are attached to the control module. Press this button to instantly show a color wash on attached Accent Compact fixtures, confirming that your devices are working just as you expect them to. Press the button again, and your Accent Compact fixtures will return to normal operation.

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CM-400 48V EO ActiveSite Installation Instructions

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This product is RoHS Compliant

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109-000210-01CM-400 48V EO, ActiveSite