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IntelliWhite LED Lighting Systems

The IntelliWhite (iW) series from Philips Color Kinetics offers a full range of professional tunable white light LED lighting fixtures. IntelliWhite lighting fixtures combine channels of cool, neutral, and warm white LEDs to offer a range of color temperatures that you can adjust with a simple wall-mounted device.

By adjusting the color temperature of iW lighting fixtures, from warm (more yellow / red) to cool (more blue), you can instantly alter the emotional effect of a space, and dramatically affect the appearance of objects on display in stores, galleries, and museums. By selecting the appropriate color temperature of your light sources for your environment, you can create the atmosphere you desire, positively influence buyer behavior, and increase productivity in the workplace.

Graze / Wash LED Lighting Systems

iW Graze MX Powercore

iW Graze QLX Powercore

iW Graze QLX Powercore 5W

iW Graze EC Powercore

iW Fuse Powercore

iW Blast Powercore

Flood / Spot LED Lighting Systems

iW MR gen3

iW Reach Powercore gen2

iW Reach Compact Powercore

iW Burst Powercore

iW Burst Compact Powercore

Cove LED Lighting Systems

iW Cove MX Powercore

Theatrical / Touring LED Lighting Systems

iW Blast TR

Products Recently Discontinued - click on images below to learn about replacement products

iW Graze Powercore

iW Reach TR Powercore

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