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AuxBox instantly activates up to eight iPlayer 3 or Light System Manager light shows using any remote triggering device with a dry-contact closure. Popular triggering devices that work with AuxBox include motion sensors, time clocks, architectural controllers (such as Lutron Graffik Eye systems), wind speed monitors, pressure sensors, and other third-party controllers or sensor systems. With AuxBox, you can trigger light shows by touch, motion, event, and environmental factors such as temperature to add new dimensions of creativity and flexibility to your lighting installations.

  • Each AuxBox can trigger up to eight iPlayer 3 light shows using remote, dry-contact closure triggering devices.
  • AuxBox connects to the iPlayer 3 controller with a serial cable, to external dry-contact triggering devices with two-wire cables, and to power with a 24 VDC power supply.
  • In special circumstances, you can install and configure up to eight AuxBoxes in a single iPlayer 3 system, four per iPlayer 3 serial port, for a total of 64 remote triggering devices per installation.
  • AuxBox can receive triggers from up to eight external dry contact switches and immediately activate your choice of light shows from the iPlayer 3 or Light System Manager controller. Imagine the possibilities of light shows that respond to time, touch, temperature, motion, or sound. AuxBox responds to whatever a device can sense.

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