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Multi-Protocol Converter 8

Multi-Protocol Converter 8 offers unprecedented flexibility for your Philips Color Kinetics lighting installation, allowing you to integrate DMX and RDM luminaires with your KiNET lighting network. Multi-Protocol Converter 8 accepts KiNET input via an Ethernet connection, and transmits DMX light data to up to eight universes of luminaires.

  • Flexible protocol conversion—With Multi-Protocol Converter 8, you can convert KiNET to DMX or RDM. Multi-Protocol Converter 8 supports two-way communication between Ethernet and RDM-enabled devices in your lighting installation.
  • RDM integration in your KiNET network—Multi-Protocol Converter 8 has enough capacity to communicate with up to 4,096 individual DMX channels on your Ethernet network. Thatís eight full universes, or up to 1,360 uniquely addressed RGB nodes per Multi-Protocol Converter 8 when you use a compatible DMX or RDM splitter.
  • Scalable DMX installations—Multi-Protocol Converter 8 accepts large amounts of data over a single Ethernet cable, so you can drastically reduce the hardware and cabling requirements of adding DMX luminaires to your lighting installation.
  • Modular and versatile—Multi-Protocol Converter 8 is DIN rail mountable, allowing placement in indoor environments, or outdoors in your own custom weatherproof enclosure.
  • Multiple power options—Use the included power supply for installation near an electrical outlet. Or you can purchase your own third-party power supply, giving you flexibility of placement and allowing you to power several Multi-Protocol Converter 8 devices with a single electrical source.


Dry/Damp Location, IP20

This product is RoHS Compliant


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Fixture Item Number 12NC
Multi-Protocol Converter 8 Specification Sheet 104-000018-00 912400136052