LED Lighting Systems

LED Lighting Systems

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Our EssentialColor (eColor) series delivers a full-range of professional single-channel LED luminaires for interior and exterior applications, available in a range of solid colors. eColor fixtures can be connected directly to line voltage.

Wall Grazing

LED wall grazing luminaires from Philips Color Kinetics deliver high-intensity solid colored light in a range of beam angles, from narrow to wide, for a variety of effects and light distribution. The consistent, high-performance solid colored light emitted by our grazing luminaires highlights the textures of the illuminated surface.


Wall Washing

Using our solid color light for wall washing can illuminate a large surface evenly, smoothing imperfections. Solid color wall washing luminaires help to make a room appear brighter, cheerier, and more relaxing.


Flood Lighting

Our solid color flood fixtures include the Reach Powercore and Reach Compact Powercore families. Ideal for illuminating large surfaces, flood fixtures can throw light to great heights for full-saturation of surfaces.



Architectural installations, public monuments, landscape and hardscape environments, and stage performances often require the narrow focus of a spotlight. Our spotlighting fixtures are ideal for creating areas of drama using concentrated solid color light.


Cove Lighting

Our solid colored cove lighting is ideal for accent and aesthetic effect lighting that adds drama and interest in brightly lit environments such as retail spaces, nightclubs, and other locations.


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