LED Lighting Systems

Philips Color Kinetics offers professional LED lighting systems in a multitude of types, form factors, and output levels. Color-changing, tunable white, solid white, and solid color LED lighting fixtures deliver high-quality, digitally controllable light in the full range of interior and exterior architectural and entertainment applications.



In an interior environment, Philips Color Kinetics lighting systems transform a room with white and color light. From safely illuminating art collections to creating visual interest in retail settings, our interior fixtures are ideal for many applications, bringing high-quality light to walls, exhibits, and other indoor features.
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Used for exterior lighting, Philips Color Kinetics lighting systems bring new impact and interest to a community or skyline with bright, impressive beams of color and white light. Able to withstand harsh weather, splashing water, urban vibration, and other environmental factors, our exterior fixtures are ideal for any fašade, bridge, or other outdoor application.
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