LED Lighting Systems

LED technology merits a closer look – the kind we take in our technical briefs. Here are some of the technical briefs now available to lighting professionals and others interested in knowing more.


Useful Life - Understanding LM-80, Lumen Maintenance, and LED Fixture Lifetime

This technical brief explains how to interpret useful life calculations for LED sources and LEDs sources incorporated into lighting fixtures, and suggests a method for making accurate comparisons between conventional lamps and LED lighting fixture.

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Evaluating Light Output - Using Delivered Light to Specify and Compare LED Lighting Fixtures

Lumen output is not always the best measurement of an LED luminaire’s capabilities. Evaluating an LED lighting fixture solely or primarily on the basis of its lumen output can underestimate or otherwise give a distorted picture of the luminaire’s performance and suitability for a specific use or application.

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LED Lighting - Getting it Right

Avoid common misconceptions about LED sources and luminaires by exploring the myths and realities.

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