LED Lighting Systems


Precisely Controllable Full Color
and High-Quality White LED Light

Groundbreaking IntelliHue color-control technology offers unprecedented color performance, precision, and range for both colored and white LED light. IntelliHue technology delivers enhanced spectral content for precise control of color, color temperature, and tint. With IntelliHue, you can easily target and precisely adjust millions of colors and shades of white light around the black-body curve.

For white light, IntelliHue's enhanced spectrum allows for:

  • Precise color tuning in an expansive range extending from 2000 K (firelight) to 10000 K (blue sky) along the black-body curve
  • Precise tinting and shading of white light points in a generous region extending above and below the black-body curve (+/- 0.06 Duv)
  • An extremely high level of color consistency (<2 SDCM) in tandem with Chromasync, rendering color variations virtually imperceptible

IntelliHue combines all the benefits of IntelliColor, IntelliWhite, and Essential White technologies and makes them available in a single fixture, while adding an unprecedented ability to target and tint white-light color points.

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IntelliHue Palette Editor

IntelliHue CK Technology

IntelliHue, an advanced approach to color control and mixing, produces an enhanced spectrum of precisely controllable light, including millions of saturated colors, pastels, and precisely controllable, high-quality white and tinted white light. By combining carefully selected channels of LED light sources, IntelliHue enables high-quality intelligent color and white light from the same fixture.

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Color-Changing Effects and High-Quality White Light from the Same Fixture

IntelliHue surpasses the limitations on the range of colors that standard LED lighting fixtures can produce. With IntelliHue, a single LED lighting fixture can deliver millions of saturated colors, pastels, and high-quality, tunable white light.

IntelliHue-enabled LED lighting fixtures from Philips Color Kinetics offer unparalleled design flexibility and control over the lighting environment. In addition to producing dynamic, saturated, full-color effects, fixtures such as SkyRibbon IntelliHue Powercore can both illuminate spaces with highly uniform, high-quality digitally adjustable white light to support a range of business, retail, hospitality, and other activities, and transform spaces with intensely saturated, dynamic accent and effect lighting for dramatic presentations, theatrical atmospheres, and special occasions and events.

IntelliHue Fixtures

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