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Product Guides & Specification Sheets
iColor Flex MX gen2 Product Guide
iColor Flex MX gen2 Specification Sheet
iColor Flex MX gen2 Ordering Specification Sheet
User Guides & Installation Instructions
iColor Flex MX gen2 Installation Instructions
Product Drawings
Flex MX.dwg
IES Files
iColor Flex MX gen2, Clear Dome Lens
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iColor Flex MX gen2, Translucent Dome Lens
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Technologies Used
Chromacore, Chromasic, Optibin
Dry / Damp / Wet Location, IP66
Regulatory Listings
UL / cUL, FCC Class A, CE

This product is RoHS Compliant
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iColor Flex MX gen2

iColor Flex MX gen2 are flexible strands of high-intensity, full-color LED nodes designed for extraordinary effects and expansive installations without the constraints of fixture size, shape, or space. Each iColor Flex MX gen2 strand consists of 50 individually addressable LED nodes, featuring dynamic integration of power, communication, and control. The flexible form factor accommodates two- and three-dimensional configurations, while high light output affords superior long-distance viewing for architectural accent and perimeter lighting, large-scale signage, and building-covering video displays.

  • Each node produces full-color, daylight-visible light output of up to 2.3 candela.
  • Standard clear dome and translucent dome lens. Optional clear flat and translucent flat lens available.
  • Strands can be mounted directly to a surface like traditional string lights. Detachable leader cables in multiple lengths allow you to install strings at the appropriate distance from power / data supplies.
  • Optional mounting tracks ensure straight linear runs, while snap-on spacers hide cabling and mounting hardware between nodes. Single node mounts can be positioned individually to provide anchor points for installations with uneven node spacing or complex geometries.
  • Standard on-center node spacing of 4 in (102 mm) or 12 in (305 mm) and custom spacing from 3 in (76 mm) to 24 in (610 mm) support virtually any lighting or video design. Standard 50-node strands can be field-shortened. Custom lengths of 5 to 60 nodes are also available.
  • Fully sealed for maximum fixture life and IP66-rated for outdoor applications.

Item Numbers
iColor Flex MX 4 inch on-center node spacing
101-000076-04 White, Clear Dome Lens
101-000076-06 Black, Clear Dome Lens
101-000076-00 White, Translucent Dome Lens
101-000076-02 Black, Translucent Dome Lens

iColor Flex MX 12 inch on-center node spacing
101-000076-05 White, Clear Dome Lens
101-000076-07 Black, Clear Dome Lens
101-000076-01 White, Translucent Dome Lens
101-000076-03 Black, Translucent Dome Lens

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