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    Chicago, Illinois, USA

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    Picture perfect lighting for photo archive

    Getty Images is an American-based digital media company, which specializes in supplying stock photography and film footage to advertising firms, graphic designers, publishing companies, news outlets, and corporate communications departments across the globe. Getty Images' portfolio boasts contributions from award-winning photojournalists and provides coverage on a wide variety of news events. The digital multimedia company prides itself on inspiring creativity, promoting cultural awareness, and fostering innovation through the international distribution of its visual content. They desired to reflect these principles in the design of its Chicago office building.

    Getty Images consulted architectural firm BOX Studios to remodel its 1,514 sq m (16,300 sq ft) call center and marketing office in the city's downtown financial district. The project included finding lighting solutions for the office's boardroom, conference rooms, café and lounge area, gallery-style reception area, and other office spaces. BOX Studios, in collaboration with Getty Images, drafted a new design concept to transform the space by optimizing the appearance of the black and white color scheme throughout the office. The café and lounge, equipped with a kitchenette, open beverage bar, and a seating area is separated for verbal privacy with the use of glass partitions integrated into a custom designed table. The environment required special lighting to fit its unique design. In addition to the café, BOX Studios was tasked with finding a suitable lighting solution to emphasize the signature photo collections displayed on Getty Images' office walls.

    BOX Studios chose a Color Kinetics LED lighting solution to light the space's pristine design and its energy efficiency. eW Fuse Powercore 3000 K (now specified with PureStyle IntelliHue) and eW Cove QLX Powercore 3000 K luminaires were installed in a designed cove over the beverage bar area, as well as on the ceilings of Getty Image's boardroom. The luminaires were arranged in a grouping 203 mm (8 in) away from the illuminated surface. Each luminaire was used for a wall-washing effect that evenly lit the office's boardroom ceiling and illuminated a featured graphic on the wall.

    "I believe the project is a successful cohesive design representation of Getty Images' promise to its clients and staff members as an international brand," said Ferdinand R. Dimailig AIA, the design architect and principal at BOX Studios.

    The upgraded lighting installation accentuates BOX Studio's custom color scheme, which was purposely selected to subconsciously encourage thoughtfulness, optimism and cheerfulness within the workplace. LED lighting is a core component of the office's redesign that allows Getty Images to reinforce their brand and advertise their product to clients while still offering employees an ideal work environment. Besides increasing the office's functionality, the installation's low-maintenance, high-performance luminaires help Getty Images achieve another purpose: to inspire emotion through its imagery.
    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    BOX Studios


    WMA Engineering

    General Contractor:

    Clune Construction


    BOX Studios

    Electrical Contractor:

    REX Electric

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