Bloom Tower

    Lima, Peru

    Photo Credits: LED-LS PERU

    Perfect at night, invisible by day

    Located on the border of Magdalena del Mar and San Isidro in Lima, Peru, Bloom Tower is distinguished from its surroundings with a contemporary aesthetic featuring a dynamic and technologically advanced profile. An iconic building in its district, the corporate structure houses premium office space and amenities across 23 floors and 13.000 m2 (140,000 sq ft).


    Lighting designers, Sabrina Mandel, Hernán Maluk, and Natalia Távara, believe passion creates motivation, which gives way to Innovation. Dedicated advocates for the technological advancement of the city, they wanted to reflect this philosophy in the Bloom Tower project with unique lighting design that highlights the Tower’s architectural morphology. They achieved their vision by integrating a dynamic and versatile lighting system, with low energy consumption and maintenance, into the modern façade. The resulting lighting solution is urban and high-tech, which perfectly expresses the structure’s identity and sets it apart it from its surroundings. A reasonable investment and very low operating cost enabled the designers to bring their design to life.


    Color Kinetics Vaya Tube exterior compact linear luminaire was chosen to achieve the dynamic, smooth-moving, color-changing lines of light around the facade. With a discreet design, the LED luminaires provide versatility and energy efficiency. While bright and clearly visible from a distance at night, the eight distinctive vertical lines of light are imperceptible by day to maintain the building’s architectural aesthetic.


    The project includes 465 Vaya Tube luminaires attached to the 23-story façade with stainless steel mounting plates. The 561 m (1,800 ft) of Vaya Tube luminaires are controlled by Light System Manager gen5 (now specified with iPlayer 4). Each line of Vaya Tube luminaires features a uniform band of light addressable in 150 mm (6 in) segments for fine control. Light shows created by LED-LS Peru SAC  were pre-loaded and include a daily light show along with unique shows for special events and holidays. Updating and controlling the light shows is easily accomplished using a smartphone, without training, from anywhere in the world.


    "The Bloom Tower lighting project is truly unique. A collaborative effort between the Tower’s owners and architects, the project conveys the spirit and essence of technical innovation. Custom details implemented on the curtain wall covering the façade were designed so the luminaires provide the desired lighting effects without compromising the architectural aesthetic of the Tower from any angle. The method of assembling and connecting the luminaires also respected the architecture. The solution was perfect.” - Arq. Sabrina Mandel, Lighting Designer, LED-LS LATAM.


    Aligning with the Tower’s LEED Gold certification for sustainability, the lighting system’s energy consumption is low at just 8Kw and maximizes operational efficiency. The brightness, intensity, and color of the high-quality luminaires will last for years to come with minimal maintenance. Thanks to Color Kinetics high-tech lighting, Bloom Tower enjoys new prominence in the district’s evening skyline and has become an urban landmark at the crossroads of Av. Javier Prado Oeste and Flora Tristan Street.

    Project credits


    Bloom Tower


    Lighting Design and Specification of Luminaires:

    Sabrina Mandel, Hernán Maluk, and Natalia Távarae


    Show Design and Programming:

    Sabrina Mandel, Hernán Maluk, and Natalia Távarae


    Architectural Design:

    DLPS Architects


    Supply and Installation:



    Installation Supervision:

    Roberto Cortez


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