Vaya Cove


    Create the right ambiance 


    Make restaurant ceilings glow, architectural details stand out, and stores feel warm and inviting. 

    Vaya Cove brings bright, beautiful white and color LED light and the right ambiance to a wide range of interiors, from intimate to spacious. Cove is a natural fit for cove lighting, of course. But it’s also great for accent or ambient lighting. Choose from white or RGB color. All with rock-solid reliability and real value.


    Ideal for tight spaces


    Vaya Cove luminaires adapt to every building and environment. They deliver exceptional light while maintaining a low-profile design, making them the ideal choice for tight spaces and soffits. Pick your length. Mount them easily. Never worry about the twisting and shifting that’s common with tape lights.




    High-quality light


    Enjoy thousands of hours of clean and crisp illumination, without the worry of color inconsistencies or diminishing light levels.

    Custom lengths


    Choose from a variety of standard sizes or request something specific—Vaya Cove offers flexibility in both depth and length.

    High efficacy


    Vaya Cove LED lighting delivers powerful light wherever you need it. Incandescent bulbs and traditional metal halide fixtures are simply no match.

    Tried and trusted


    Vaya Cove has a proven track record and is preferred to traditional incandescent lighting in applications across the globe. Let our multi-year warranty give you the confidence to make the switch.

    Light and durable


    We’ve tested Vaya Cove luminaires in a number of real-world situations, and they pass with flying colors. The white polycarbonate housing withstands mechanical shocks and vibrations—critical when applied in tight spaces. All Vaya Cove luminaires have light but durable polycarbonate housings and have been rigorously tested for real-world applications.

    Global reach


    The exceptional quality and cost-effectiveness of Vaya Cove lighting is accessible wherever you are in the world. We’ll help you maintain your brand identity between sites and across borders.

    Easy Installation


    One-cable connection and efficient jumper cables mean no more difficult installations. You can experience the benefits of your new Vaya Cove lighting right away.


    Vaya Cove luminaires connect seamlessly to other Vaya products—as well as third-party controllers. Good news for your building management system.


    Take a closer look

    Choose the right Vaya Cove luminaire for your needs.

    Cove Products

    RGB - Standard option for intensely saturated color light.

    White - White light in a neutral 3000 K or a cool 4000 K.