Samuel Beckett Bridge

    Dublin, Ireland

    Video Video Credits: Eventco

    Iconic bridge is a spectacular canvas for delivering messages with light

    Spanning 123 m (403 ft) across the River Liffey, the harp-shaped Samuel Beckett Bridge symbolizes evolution from the past to the future and represents the dynamic and innovative quarter of the city. An important gateway to Dublin, the bridge rotates 90-degrees horizontally to allow ships to pass.


    Eventco was commissioned by the Dublin City Council to create a stunning LED lighting installation on the bridge for the city’s Winter Fair. Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, 2,865 individually controlled nodes of Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2 spaced 610 mm (24 in) apart were installed along each side of the bridge’s suspension cables. Power and data are delivered with Color Kinetics CM-150 CA and a controller enables the client to easily manage dynamic lighting effects for events, holidays, and themes throughout the year.


    Despite the dazzling light display, the installation’s energy usage is under 3 kW, ‘less than boiling a kettle.’ The client was so delighted with the results, they decided to expand the lighting to both sides of the bridge and keep it as a permanent installation. 

    Project credits


    Dublin City Council


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