CM-150 CA

    Control module for large scale architectural and media applications using Flex Micro RGB nodes

    CM-150 CA delivers integrated data and power to Flex LED luminaires from Color Kinetics. With multiple mounting options, CM-150 CA is the single solution for all large scale installations using Flex Micro gen3, RGB nodes. An integrated test button instantly confirms proper functioning of your devices, saving time and simplifying integration.


    • Supports up to 150 W of power output
      CM-150 CA accommodates input and output voltages of 7.5, and 12V, so it’s compatible with current Flex Micro gen3, RGB and discontinued products from Color Kinetics. CM-150 CA supports up to two strands of Flex Micro, with up to 75 nodes per strand.

    • Compatible with Interact Landmark
      CM-150 CA is designed to work with Interact Landmark. With Interact Landmark, you can check the devices on your lighting network right from your web browser. And because Interact Landmark knows the status of your control module, you can instantly pinpoint a problematic CM-150 CA or attached luminaires from anywhere in the world.
    • Integrated test button
      CM-150 CA features an onboard button for testing LED nodes that are attached to the control module, even before fully installing your control system. Press this button to instantly show a color wash on attached Flex nodes, confirming that your devices are working just as you expect them to. Press the button again, and your Flex nodes will resume normal operation. On-board indicator LEDs provide visual feedback for normal operation, DMX and Ethernet connection detection, and Ethernet data transmission.
    • Available with 3-wire or 4-wire output
      3-wire output is a cost-effective option for shorter runs of up to 7.6 m (25 ft) from the CM-150 CA to your Flex strands. 4-wire output offers more flexibility of placement and can be used in runs of up to 30.5 m (100 ft) from the CM-150 CA to your Flex strands. Longer leader cables are available for custom configurations.


    • Modular and versatile
      CM-150 CA is available in a surface mount or DIN rail mount form factor, allowing placement in indoor and outdoor environments, or in your own custom housing. CM-150 CA is compatible with third-party power supplies, so you can purchase the power supplies that work best for your installation.

    • DMX and Ethernet input and output
      CM-150 CA can accept DMX or Ethernet data. DMX and Ethernet output ports allow for daisy-chaining of control modules.

    • Environment
      CM-150 CA, DIN Rail Mount can be used in a Dry Location, IP00
      CM-150 CA, Surface Mount can be used in a Dry/Damp/Wet Location, IP66