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    Lighting Facts

    Lighting Facts


    Color Kinetics supports the Lighting Facts program and the U.S. Department of Energy's efforts to promote standards for and consistency in the presentation of data on the performance of LED luminaires for general illumination.


    Color Kinetics understands that CRI is an incomplete metric for measuring the color accuracy of LED sources and luminaires. While we provide this information to help lighting designers and specifiers evaluate the performance of our luminaires, we recommend observing the luminaires in person to assess how well they render color in specific applications.


    We recognize that nominal CCT values identify a range of white points with readily visible variations, and do not ensure uniformity of color among different LED luminaires. Optibin, our advanced binning algorithm, exceeds ANSI chromaticity standard C78.377A to guarantee the uniformity and consistency of hue (Duv) and color temperature (CCT) for individual luminaires from Color Kinetics. Optibin's CCT and hue tolerances fall within a 3-step MacAdam ellipse, rather than within the 7-step ellipse defined by the ANSI standard.


    Color Kinetics publishes extensive photometric and other performance data for each of our LED luminaires in our Product Guides and Specifications Sheets, available for free download from our website. We also post IES files, from accredited third-party testing labs, for all of our white-light LED luminaires at all available beam angles and color temperatures. Please refer to these documents for a more complete description of the performance and capabilities of our LED luminaires.