Kvadrat Textile Collection

    Kvadrat is Europe's leading supplier of design textiles with a superb reputation for supplying fabrics for upholstery, curtains, and soft furnishings. Recognized by architects, designers, and furniture manufacturers for the outstanding aesthetic, technological and artistic quality of their textiles, Kvadrat continually pushes the boundaries to create ever more inspirational materials.


    Kvadrat's innovative fabrics are used in some of the world’s most iconic spaces, including New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and the Opera House in Oslo.


    Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Drops is a curtain that particularly stands out for its tactility and elegant interplay of colors. It features a double yarn intertwined in a looped manner and set against a white, grey or black transparent background. Woven drops slightly protrude from the surface of the stripes, and appear to ‘flow’ over the textile. 

    The color ways for Drops include understated, natural tones, such as pale grey, aubergine and earth brown.


    Part of Karina Nielsen Rios’ first collection for Kvadrat, Toto is a screen fabric with excellent acoustic qualities. These characteristics are derived from the unique structure of the textile, a product of the spinning process of the two colored yarn. Toto comes in lustrous shades of white and off-white.


    Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Winding is a curtain that combines exceptional tactility with sophisticated color combinations. It features three differently colored stripes that gently bend towards and away from each other. These are set against a white or black transparent background and slightly stick out from the surface of textile. The color-scale for Winding, like that of Drops, consists mainly of graceful, natural tones but also includes some rainbow hues. Like Drops, when Winding is draped, or seen from a new perspective, it reveals an elegant play of color nuances. The result conveys a high sense of diversity and tactile wealth.


    Ginger is Anne Fabricius Møller's third curtain design for Kvadrat. It is a simple, open piece inspired by the irregular structure of flax. 

    The color idiom is inspired by the colors of spices, such as pale blue poppy seed, fresh garlic, and ground root of coriander. The colors are created by experimenting with dried, fresh, ground, and whole spices until the right shade is produced. Accordingly, this work formed the basis of the final color way and a color palette of five colors ranging from fresh orange to mint green.

    Kinnasand Twister

    Kinnasand Twister. Magnified gauze.

    This Trevira CS leno fabric creates an unusual three-dimensional material structure by finely coordinating contrasting colours in the warp and weft yarns. Despite its open structure, the fabric is extremely stable and crease-resistant.