Vaya Linear


    Get attention with lines of light


    Make your building stand out from the crowd with bright lines of white or color light.

    Vaya Linear luminaires mount directly on buildings, attracting new customers, tenants, and visitors with stunning LED light—day and night. Create beautiful white (including RGBW), color, and color-changing effects. Highlight architectural details. Display messages or low-resolution video. Enhance safety and visibility. Economical and reliable, Vaya Linear brings exceptional wall washing and grazing to a wide range of interior and exterior installations. All while delivering the output you need.


    Turn buildings into icons


    You want maximum impact, which is why owners, developers and designers are exploring new creative possibilities with Vaya Linear. Add your brand’s color. Vary lighting depending on the season or time of day. Increase safety and visibility. You can turn your building into something much more than just its four walls.






    Wherever you need high-quality lighting—your store entrance, your stadium or your office building—Vaya Linear is the smart choice. It helps you make the impact you want.

    More for your money


    Extensive research and intelligent design choices mean Vaya Linear operates highly efficiently. You’ll see your costs go down year after year.



    Connect Vaya Linear to your other Vaya products, as well as third-party systems.

    Easy installation


    Push and click connectors —and integrated AC line voltage input—make installation faster and easier for everyone.

    Proven reliability


    You’ll find Vaya Linear working in hundreds of applications all around the world. We’ve performed rigorous testing to make sure our clients are getting a system they can rely on.

    Global reach


    Vaya Linear can be installed wherever you are. Maintain your brand identity between sites and across borders.



    Vaya Linear can be used in a variety of applications—from commercial and residential buildings to bridges, landmarks, public spaces and more. It offers reliable performance at a price that works within your budget.


    Because every building is different, Vaya Linear brings you lighting that suits the needs of your project. Choose from color options and distribution levels to fit your unique requirements. Vaya Linear comes in three different light options: RGBW, RGB, and solid white. So there are a variety to choose from when selecting the ideal luminaire for the job.  


    Take a closer look

    Choose the right Vaya Linear luminaire for your needs.

    Color Products

    RGBW - Better-quality white light as compared to RGB.

    Solid White Products

    White - White light in a neutral 3000 K or a cool 4000 K.