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Vaya Cove LP Mono

High-efficiency, low-profile, dimmable cove luminaire for crisp color lighting effects

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Vaya Cove LP is a reliable and cost-effective light fixture providing mono color light for interior use. Designed for cove and accent lighting applications and with two lengths, and standard 24V DC power, this product is versatile and easy to use. Vaya Cove LP works as on/off product or with any standard current sinking 0-10V/1-10V controller.

Key Features

  • Custom options: Red, Green. Blue, Amber
  • Flat and angled mounting clips
  • Low Voltage, 24V DC input power
  • Standard 0-10V dimming control compatible

Technologies Used



IP20, Interior applications


24V DC


Extruded polycarbonate, white housing with clear lens

Regulatory Listings

UL / cUL, FCC Class B, CE, CB


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Item Numbers

Philips 12NCItem NumberDescription
910503704608325-000012-00VAYA COVE LP RED 0.3M (1FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704609325-000012-01VAYA COVE LP RED 0.6M (2FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704610325-000012-02VAYA COVE LP RED 1.2M (4FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704611325-000012-03VAYA COVE LP GREEN 0.3M (1FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704612325-000012-04VAYA COVE LP GREEN 0.6M (2FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704613325-000012-05VAYA COVE LP GREEN 1.2M (4FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704614325-000012-06VAYA COVE LP BLUE 0.3M (1FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704615325-000012-07VAYA COVE LP BLUE 0.6M (2FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704616325-000012-08VAYA COVE LP BLUE 1.2M (4FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704617325-000012-09VAYA COVE LP AMBER 0.3M (1FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704618325-000012-10VAYA COVE LP AMBER 0.6M (2FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE
910503704619325-000012-11VAYA COVE LP AMBER 1.2M (4FT) UL/CE/CQC DIMMABLE