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Ensure your Philips Color Kinetics lighting system is properly installed and operational by commissioning the services of our experts. A Philips Color Kinetics Applications Engineer can help turn your project into a reality. Our talented engineers provide proper installation supervision and lighting show design assistance for projects in which Philips Color Kinetics products are specified.

Philips Color Kinetics Applications Engineers are experienced technical professionals with comprehensive knowledge of all Philips Color Kinetics products. From the initial consultation and site survey to actual on-site installation supervision, Philips Color Kinetics Applications Engineers work with union and non-union workers, project professionals, including Architects, Lighting Designers, Electrical Contractors, General Contractors and Facilities Managers, to ensure a successful start-up.

Clients who opt to commission Philips Color Kinetics Applications Engineering services will have significantly fewer instances of malfunctions and/or failure due to improper installation. In addition to project consultation and installation supervision, Philips Color Kinetics Applications Engineers are proficient in the use of Philips Color Kinetics ColorPlay® software. They work with the Client and/or Lighting Designer and use this tool to maximize the intelligence, versatility and beauty of Philips Color Kinetics lighting products.


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