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Todd Rundgren Concert Tour
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Photo Credits: Steve Hall

Products Used:
ColorBlast 12 
ColorBlast 6 
ColorBurst 6 
ColorBlaze 72
ColorBlaze 48
iColor Flex SL 
(now specified with iColor Flex SLX)

PDS-60ca 24V  

Method of Control:
DMX System

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Project Credits
Lighting Design and Programming:  Alex Showron, Jason Bullock
Lighting Supply:  Upstaging, Inc.

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Todd Rundgren Concert Tour

Multiple U.S. Locations

With a celebrated music career spanning 30+ years and a penchant for progressive technology, Todd Rundgren puts both vocations to work in his latest U.S. concert tour with his band, the Liars. The famed musician orchestrated a tech-savvy production that combines state-of-the-art lighting and sound. According to the music news source liveDaily, "Rundgren, who has a long history of incorporating cutting-edge technology in his musical endeavors, is using this tour to show off 'a revolutionary LED lighting system.'" That system is powered by Color Kinetics' intelligent LED lighting technology.

The set features a gothic-inspired truss under which the four band members perform. Affixed to the truss are more than 20 ColorBlast® and ColorBurst® units, which face both the band and the audience, generating customized color-changing effects.The band members are each framed by translucent backlit panels that display various shape-shifting patterns, at times in unison, via vertically mounted ColorBlaze™ units.Crowning the truss are six strands of iColor® Flex SL with individually controllable LED nodes in 4" (10 cm) increments. Adding still more depth to the dramatic setting, ColorBlaze units cast a uniform distribution of color from the foot of the stage.

The lighting effects are controlled by a DMX system with varying colors, speeds, and sequences triggered to set the mood. The light shows range from slow, ethereal color sweeps to faster paced strobe-like effects — all precisely designed and timed to support the music.Aside from the creative versatility afforded by the LED-based systems, Rundgren and crew cite numerous practical advantages in embracing the high-tech lighting equipment on the road. The compact nature of Color Kinetics' systems allows the crew to pack all required equipment into just one small trailer behind the tour bus. The small, lightweight units also allow for smaller, lighter truss, which can be easily rigged by the touring staff from the ground — thereby avoiding an extra on-site rigging crew. The advantage of low heat output means the systems can be installed directly overhead and in close proximity to band members, again allowing for smaller truss. And thanks to their low power draw, the systems can be installed in any venue along the road without additional, costly electrical requirements.

Greater creative freedom plus minimized maintenance means less time for work, and more time to bang on the drum all day.

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