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eW Fuse Powercore

Linear interior LED wall grazing fixture with solid white light

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With narrow and medium beams of intense white light, eW Fuse Powercore is an excellent choice for a full range of surface grazing and wall-washing applications. Its ultra-compact form factor permits installation in tight spaces too small to accommodate conventional grazing fixtures with similar light output. Offers environmentally-conscious buyers a green, energy-efficient grazing fixture with industry-leading quality and quantity of light.

  • Long useful source life and low-maintenance operation represent a cost-effective alternative to traditional grazing fixtures.
  • Superior beam quality delivers striation-free light as close as 6 in (152 mm) from fixture placement with no light scalloping between fixtures.
  • Available in 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, 4000 K, and solid blue. Narrow 10° x 60° and medium 30° x 60° beam angles.
  • Accepts power input of 100, 120, 208, 220 – 240, and 277 VAC for consistent installation and operation from line voltage in most locations.
  • Exceeds recognized standards for color quality to guarantee uniformity and consistency of hue and color temperature across LEDs, fixtures, and manufacturing runs.
  • Patented DIMand technology offers smooth dimming capability with selected commercially available reverse-phase ELV-type dimmers. More about dimming »
  • End-to-end locking power connectors can make 180° turns. Fixtures rotate in 10° increments through 180° for precise aiming and color mixing.



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eW Fuse Powercore, 2700 K, 12.5 W / ft eW Fuse Powercore, 3000 K, 12.5 W / ft eW Fuse Powercore, 3500 K, 12.5 W / ft eW Fuse Powercore, 4000 K, 12.5 W / ft eW Fuse Powercore, 2700 K, 8 W / ft eW Fuse Powercore, 3000 K, 8 W / ft eW Fuse Powercore, 3500 K, 8 W / ft eW Fuse Powercore, 4000 K, 8 W / ft

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