Philips Color Kinetics delivers high-performance professional LED lighting systems in a wide range of types, form factors, and output levels empowering lighting professionals around the world to achieve their unique visions. Our color-changing, tunable white, solid white, and solid color LED luminaires provide high-quality, digitally controllable light all major interior and exterior architectural and entertainment applications. We complete the picture with a full line of DMX and Ethernet controllers, video servers, controller accessories, and power/data supplies that integrate seamlessly with our LED luminaires in any installation from simple to complex.



IntelliHue is our advanced approach to color mixing, which enables the same luminaire to provide high-quality intelligent color and white light. Multiple channels of LED light sources combine to produce a full spectrum of precisely controllable light, including millions of saturated colors, pastels, and uniform white light all with unrivaled color accuracy across the entire range of color temperatures.
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IntelliHue LED Fixtures



Our intelligent color-changing LED lighting systems offer intensely saturated, controllable light for interior and exterior architectural applications, intricate light shows, large-scale video, and dynamic accent lighting. Industry-leading RGBAW theatrical luminaires offer a significantly expanded color palette and enhanced color precision for professional stage and entertainment environments.
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IntelliColor LED Fixtures



Our IntelliWhite (iW) series offers a full range of professional tunable white light LED luminaires. They combine channels of cool, neutral, and warm white LEDs to create a range of color temperatures, which users can adjust with a simple wall-mounted device. By adjusting the color temperature of iW lighting fixtures from warm (more yellow/red) to cool (more blue), you can instantly enhance the emotional tone of a space and dramatically improve the appearance of objects on display in stores, galleries, and museums.
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IntelliWhite LED Fixtures



Our EssentialColor (eColor) series delivers a full-range of professional single-channel LED luminaires for interior and exterior applications, available in a range of solid colors. eColor fixtures can be connected directly to line voltage, and can be dimmed with selected commercially available reverse-phase (ELV-type) dimmers.
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EssentialColor LED Fixtures



The EssentialWhite (eW) series from Philips Color Kinetics offers a full-range of single-channel professional LED luminaires for both interior and exterior applications, available in a range of color temperatures. eW fixtures from Philips Color Kinetics can be connected directly to line voltage, and can be dimmed with selected commercially available reverse-phase (ELV-type) dimmers.
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EssentialWhite LED Fixtures


LED Lighting Controllers

Creating and controlling light shows and effects becomes simple with our wide range of DMX and Ethernet controllers. These powerful, easy-to-use controllers allow you to achieve fine-grained control of any LED lighting system, from the simplest installations to large-scale video displays.
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LED Controllers


Power/Data Supplies

We designed our power/data supplies to integrate seamlessly with our color-changing, intelligent white, and fixed-color LED lighting fixtures. Industry-leading features include power factor correction, conduit-ready connections, and auto-switching from 100 to 240 VAC.
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Power/Data Supplies


Lighting Fixture Accessories

Designed specifically for Philips Color Kinetics products, our accessories augment the capabilities of our LED luminaires to provide additional options for controlling and dispersing light.
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Lighting Fixture Accessories