LED Lighting Systems



Enabling the transition from static
conventional lighting to dynamic LED lighting


IntelliPower lets you deploy intelligent, digitally controllable LED lighting solutions in any situation where re-wiring is not desirable or feasible, including historic buildings, in-ground systems, bridges, and monumental exteriors.

By leveraging existing electrical and physical infrastructures, IntelliPower lets you affordably install dynamic, digitally controllable LED lighting where it was never possible before.


Add lighting intelligence to existing electrical systems

IntelliPower Diagram

IntelliPower is a groundbreaking implementation of proven power line carrier technology (PLC), a system for carrying data on the same conductors used for transmitting electrical power.

By applying the principles of PLC, IntelliPower lets you install and digitally control intelligent Powercore fixtures from Philips Color Kinetics using existing electrical branches, 2 + ground wiring, and lighting fixture mounting points.

Making LED lighting retrofits affordable

Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge

IntelliPower can reduce installation expenses for labor, materials, time, and rental equipment, lowering initial costs and bringing retrofit installations within budget.

With IntelliPower, you can realize all the benefits of a state-of-the-art LED lighting system without having to undertake expensive or disruptive rewiring, renovation, or excavation work.

High-bandwidth data communications

Unlike low- and mid-bandwidth PLC systems, IntelliPower delivers high-bandwidth DMX and Ethernet data communications, supporting the full range of color-changing lighting effects and dynamic light shows — not just simple switching and digital dimming.

Infinitely flexible configurations

You can install Data Enabler IntelliPower and Data Receiver IntelliPower devices in virtually any configuration to support the full range of lighting design needs. For instance, you can :

  • Install runs of intelligent Powercore fixtures from a single Data Receiver IntelliPower
  • Use multiple Data Receiver IntelliPower devices on a branch to connect individual LED lighting fixtures in situations where you cannot lay new cable
  • Send the same data stream to multiple Data Enabler IntelliPower devices connected in series to control fixtures on multiple branches from a single control source
  • Use Upstream and Downstream IntelliPower Data Filters to preserve the integrity of PLC data amidst sources of disruption both internal and external to the network
  • Use any of these and other configurations in combination

Data Enabler IntelliPower Data Enabler IntelliPower combines mains power and a DMX or Ethernet data stream from a controller, and outputs both over conventional 2 + ground wiring.
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Data Receiver IntelliPower Data Receiver IntelliPower receives this combined power / data stream and converts it to 3 + ground for powering and controlling intelligent Powercore fixtures from Philips Color Kinetics.
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Data Filter IntelliPower Data Filter IntelliPower
Eliminate noise and interference from the input stream, preserving the integrity of the PLC data at the Data Receiver from electrical distruption before it continues to the lighting fixture.
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Getting started

The IntelliPower System Guide is a comprehensive overview of IntelliPower technology and a guide to planning for an IntelliPower system..

We offer extensive customer service and support for IntelliPower solution planning, specification, and implementation. Please contact your Philips Color Kinetics sales representative to get started.

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Watch the IntelliPower video to learn more and see how IntelliPower work.