Total control, anytime, anywhere

ActiveSite is the first ever cloud-hosted connected lighting system for remotely monitoring, managing, and maintaining architectural LED lighting installations.

Cloud diagram

ActiveSite requires minimal installation time to securely connect your lighting system to your remote device via the cloud.

Harness the Power of the Cloud.

ActiveSite offers all the benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS) system.

  • No software to install or servers to buy and maintain. All that is required is the ActiveSite Gateway, a standard internet connection, and a computer or tablet.
  • Web-based software is easy to access with any authorized device
  • Rapid deployment of software updates with minimal downtime
  • Data backup, recovery, and security operations supported by Philips

Monitor system performance, perform remote device configurations, manage assets, and gain insight into system operations.

Remote Monitoring
Protect brand and lighting system investments by ensuring optimal lighting system performance with little downtime.

  • Operating status for fixtures, power supplies, and controllers
  • Fixture temperature monitoring
  • Network health status
  • Alarm management
  • Email notifications

Remote Maintenance
Devices can be remotely programmed keeping system configurations up-to-date.

  • Device properties
  • Remote device configuration
  • Remote gateway firmware updates

Asset Management
Conveniently retire replaced fixtures or power supplies into the archive section.

  • Device service history including who, when and why
  • Current assets reports
  • Repair reports

Data Analytics & Reporting
Generate charts and reports of system operations with historical analysis.

  • Status reports
  • Asset reports
  • Summary reports

Create, edit, and change light shows, scenes, and schedules from anywhere in the world, adjusting lighting effects in real time.

Apply lighting effects to installations from anywhere in the world with a web accessible device and an internet connection. Schedule different light scenes for known or adhoc events throughout the year.

* Remote Content Management is available with Light System Manager gen5 or Pharos controllers.

LifeCycle Services

With tailor-made maintenance plans and remote assistance from our lighting experts, you’ll be sure that your city’s lighting is always in perfect working order. After all, even a single broken light can make a park, plaza or town center feel less safe and attractive. Thanks to remote content management, you can now make your city look fresh and relevant, 365 days a year.

Created especially for the ActiveSite system, we have developed three Lifecycles Services packages that give you the peace of mind of knowing that your lighting is in good hands, every single day. Let us take care of the lighting, so you can take focus on making your city prosper.

Essential Package: Protect your investment

Premium Package: Hassle-free operation

Premium+ Package: Optimized performance

Download Philips Lighting Lifecycle Services enabled by ActiveSite Brochure (PDF)


Remote Device Configuration

After an installer replaces a faulty part, configuring the new part happens remotely, eliminating an on-site visit from a system expert.


ActiveSite integrates connected luminaires, digital lighting controls, and sophisticated lighting management software. Connected luminaires share data about their status and operations with ActiveSite lighting management software running in the cloud.

System users can remotely monitor, manage, and maintain each connected luminaire from anywhere in the world, at any time.


Ready to learn more?

Visit the ActiveSite product page to see detailed information including product photography, features and benefits, specification sheets and the ActiveSite brochure.

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Ready to get started?

ActiveSite offers a variety of flexible support options for all of your service needs.

If you already have a dedicated support team in place ActiveSite's software-as-a-service platform is easy to deploy and gives your team quick access to monitoring, maintaining, and managing your lighting system.

Philips and our value-added partners also offer customized services to meet your business objectives, including:

For more information about implementing ActiveSite contact your local Philips representative, or

ActiveSite Showcase

A famous bridge
transformed with light

To celebrate the bridge's 75th anniversary, light artist Leo Villareal transformed the landmark into a breathtaking, monumental light sculpture.

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San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA

Kicking off the season
in spectacular style

Major arena relies on compelling lighting and ActiveSite control to please fans and other visitors.

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Allianz Arena, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Madrid skyscraper
makes a bold statement

CEPSA Tower, the second-tallest building in Madrid, dazzles with connected lighting while gaining streamlined control with ActiveSite.

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CEPSA Tower, Madrid, Spain

Dynamic lighting
attracts new customers

In the Netherlands, the city of Veghel draws shoppers and diners back to its city square with engaging, interactive lighting.

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City Square, Veghel, Netherlands

Historic monument
wows visitors with light

Dynamic lighting adds drama and excitement to Toledo, Spain's Torreón del Baño de la Cava, a World Heritage monument.

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CEPSA Tower, Madrid, Spain